About Us


Established in June 2016, established in Hong Kong, formerly known as Famous Car Convergence Franchise, was established in 2009. It is a professional car model store for China's

e-commerce platform, mainly serving the majority of car model enthusiasts. the companyRegistered in Hong Kong, the Super A brand, the general agent of Kyoto merchants in

Japan, has been well received by car enthusiasts.The company was formally established in June 2016 and is a professional car model making company. Committed to serving the

majority of car lovers of the collection for the purpose. The quality and construction of the company's products have been recognized by the customer base.

The main production processes are alloy car models, unsaturated resin car models, plastic car models and hybrid material car models.


The company always takes "integrity, quality, service, innovation" as its business philosophy; honesty and credit: attach importance to credibility, and can achieve a win-win and

mutual benefit model with partners. Make partners profitable and continue to work together. Quality: professional market research organization, design team,Precision production of

molds. Ensure the accuracy and quality of the car model. Service: Actively solve problems, let partners securely purchase, follow-up after sales, and truly let partners have no

worries. Innovation: Continuously optimize processes, shorten production cycles, and save development This, reduce the purchase price of partners; develop new products and

continuously meet market demand.

The company has been in existence for three years since its establishment. After three years of continuous development, it has gradually matured. Now it is in a period of vitality. Our

professional team is growing, new and enthusiastic joining forces, so that the company has more combat power. . ,team Regardless of the production process, production materials,

product design, all are in. Developed and improved, the professional team allows the company to go further and introduce new methods to lead us in the same industry.We have

higher goals, higher standards and more dedication to meet more challenges. We complete each task with an open learning attitude. We meet the needs of our customers with better

service and win-win with our customers.